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My client photography assignments focus on industrial work for business-to-business clients. Technology advancements have also allowed me to expand my services into video production. All of my work is for corporate clients, as I do not deal with the general consumer market at all. My main focus is producing custom videos to help clients support their health and safety programs, wellness initiatives, and their industrial training requirements.


Appreciating that internal company communications can be greatly enhanced through the use of posters, we have also created hundreds of business-oriented posters. These are listed in the navigation bar and include:


  • Bullying Posters
  • Respectful Workplace Posters
  • Safety Posters
  • Wellness Posters


We also create custom posters for clients, including concept development, copyrighting, photography, artwork preparation and custom printing.


On this website, you will also find information about various books and E-books that I have authored. All of the E-books are available for purchase and download from this website. Restrictions on use of my E-books is noted under the Copyright Notice section of this website.


Since the sales taxes that are applicable on the purchase of books is treated differently when compared to the purchase of posters, this web site has separate shopping carts for these two different product categories. If you plan on purchasing posters as well as E-books please be aware that you will need to place separate orders.


Thank you for visiting my web site! I look forward to discussing how I may be of service.


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